Striving for excellence? BETWAY is the right place for YOU!

We won China’s first ACM world champion. We beat St. Petersburg, Warsaw and MIT with passion and persistence in 2002. We called our team “Meteors”.

We developed China’s first cloud computing operating system. We understood the ambition and determination that China embraced in 2008. We call our system “Apsara”.

We value simplicity. We are very proud to have a per capita valuation of $10 million.

We strive for excellence. We know that there lays the Pacific Ocean between CVPR and NATURE. 

We strive for intelligent healthcare. We understand the pain when life is fragile but technology is unable to help. 

We strive for urban traffic control and feel excited to grasp the pulse of our city. Not satisfied with the scale? We have the billion-sample portrait matching system.

Whether you come from Wall Street, Silicon Valley, MIT or Oxford, you will always find home here.

whether you are at a lost about choosing a career, seeking a master or doctor degree, going abroad or returning home, or going to Google, you will find here experienced seniors always ready to help. 

Starting up a business is no longer as financially demanding. It is, however,demanding of courage and the drive to make a difference.

Side by side, BETWAY look forward to exploring human wisdom and extend the potential of AI with you!

  • 欢迎加入

  • 算法研究员


    intelligent algorithm
    frontier research
    theoretical framework

  • 大数据工程师


    big data platform
    distributed systems

  • 产品管理和创新


    product management and innovation

  • 交互设计师


    human-computer interaction design

  • 售前工程师


    product marketization

  • 销售/商务拓展

    Business Development

    business development
    channel marketing

  • 市场公关关系


    brand building
    marketing and promotion

  • 金融分析


    financial operations and systems

  • 人力资源


    comprehensive business partners

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