• Intelligent Security Platform
    BETWAYs intelligent security technologies include artificial intelligence algorithms, high performance computing, distributed computing and storage and large-scale operation and maintenance. Among these features visual intelligence algorithm covers facial recognition, vehicle identification, text recognition, target tracking and feature-based image retrieval.
  • Smart City
    As the number of cars increases exponentially in cities, local governments are facing a dilemma.
    Leveraging rich experience in computer vision and deep insights into urban transportation systems, BETWAY Tech has worked on the application of the City Data Hub. Based on models built upon massive traffic data and urban transportation analysis, we manage to improve road utility and efficiency and help optimize urban traffic management in multiple levels and dimensions. This move has great significance in the rapid urbanization process both in China and all over the world.
  • BETWAY Healthcare
    Machine intelligence is constantly extending further into different aspects of our society to solve tough problems we all face. BETWAY seeks breakthroughs in healthcare using AI technologies and promotes the sharing of theories and practices with leading deep learning technologies. We are finding ways to allow doctors to give increasingly accurate diagnoses, stipulate suitable treatment plans, and improve overall patient experience.
  • Intelligent Hardware Equipment
    Intelligent hardware lay the foundation for change for intelligent life in the future.
    Empowered by AI technology, BETWAY brings soul to intelligent hardware and makes them truly intelligent instead of simply removing “pain points” as per function. By means of machine vision, listening and other friendly human-machine interactions, BETWAY enables intelligent hardware to listen, see and understand the world thus creating a more diverse user experience.