Using Data to Curb Traffic Congestion


How to build a clear picture of each traffic junction?

How to observe traffic beyond three crossings?

How to monitor and guide the traffic flow during emergencies?

In the era of Big Data, we observe and learn with intelligent eyes. How can AI technologies help us solve real life problems?

Core of City Data Hub

While remodeling road network dynamics is the basis for solving traffic problems, modeling in vehicle behavior is the key to the overall traffic landscape. Macro-traffic models can be generated by restoring and analyzing micro-traffic data using video streaming.
An efficient and accurate traffic simulation algorithm system is the key to addressing traffic dilemmas. In case of real-time traffic changes, our fast prediction algorithm system can promptly calculate various scenarios, evaluate their effects and plan the best solutions.

Using our fast prediction algorithm, traffic management strategies in targeted areas can be efficiently replaced to find the best solutions based on an evaluation index system for selected targets and specific concerns. Any strategy thus generated will be evaluated on consistency and effectiveness, and constantly optimized.