Empower machines to listen, look and understand

Create a more friendly human-computer interaction 
and build a new era of intelligence

Hardware in the intelligence era must be cognitive, interactive and natural They should sense the change of users and the environment and should express observation in a intelligent manner.
With our leading AI technologies, BETWAY makes intelligent hardware that can truly sense the world, a revolution to simple functional transformation.  Based on more friendly human-computer interaction via machine vision and speech, intelligent hardware can now listen, see and understand. It has been extensively used in security, finance and welfare sectors to strengthen systems and create a richer experience.

Technical Features

Advanced hardware development technology and

An embedded terminal R&D team with extensive experience, diverse terminal product lines and terminal development capabilities

Leading AI technologies

Integrated approach that combines our unique graphic model structure with deep learning, advanced dynamic identification technology based on video stream and fast “search by image” in massive video data

Fast analysis of massive data

Small model, supports complex networks, supports distributed structure, uses third-party cloud platform, proprietary R&D capacity, and powerful concurrent processing capability.

Intelligent terminal type

Application scenarios