• We provide facial recognition and<br>accurate identification of known<br>traffickers
    We provide facial recognition and
    accurate identification of known
    Each year, illicit goods across the country border by smugglers have totaled tens of billions RMB yuan, resulting in
    substantial loss of tariffs and duties. With BETWAY’s Dynamic Face Recognition technology, ports can deploy a sound
    trafficker detection system that monitors and screens frequent passers-by using cameras installed at the ports, accurately
    locates smugglers and suspects, and helps eliminate smuggling to reduce the country’s tariff loss.
  • Identity verification to safeguard<br>borders and strenthen the security of<br>the immigration process
    Identity verification to safeguard
    borders and strenthen the security of
    the immigration process
    Every day, all Customs ports in China are facing intense pressure of the two-way flow of people and goods. Pure manual
    work is unable to meet their security needs. BETWAY’s Dynamic Face Recognition System is right in place to help efficiently
    and accurately detect illegal activities and safeguard the country border.
  • Intelligent eyes to safeguard cities <br>around the globe
    Intelligent eyes to safeguard cities
    around the globe
    As a partner to build safer cities with Huawei, BETWAY Tech works to integrate machine vision technology with Huawei’s rich
    experience in ICT to bring our vision for safeguarding the cities with intelligent eyes around the globe.
  • Cloud computing helps AI to reach<br>the general public
    Cloud computing helps AI to reach
    the general public
    The Traffic Police Cloud of Guizhou Provincial Public Security Bureau, developed by BETWAY Tech and Aliyun, is China’s first provincial traffic big data cloud computing platform run on the intranet of the public security system. It has become a major tool for the Traffic Police Cloud applications. Hangzhou City Data Hub, another joint programme by BETWAY Tech and Aliyun,
    is built upon BETWAY’s technological capacity in AI, vision understanding, analysis, modeling and algorithm on Aliyun’s
    powerful computing platform, which makes the City Data Hub more intelligent in thinking and decision-making and helps AI
    reach the general public.
  • Innovation for the banking industries <br>by incorporating face recognition<br>technology
    Innovation for the banking industries
    by incorporating face recognition
    By soundly addressing three major problems - “same person different image”, “same image different person” and “impact
    of complex background”, BETWAY’s face recognition technology has been extensively used in diverse financial services.
    In cooperation with China Merchants Bank on VTM, BETWAY has made it possible for people to withdraw money by face
    recognition technology. BETWAY’s face recognition and in vivo detection technologies have applied in online and offline bank
    account opening and loan applications and other services either with or without human aid.
  • Intelligent marketing brings new <br>vigor to commercial property market
    Intelligent marketing brings new
    vigor to commercial property market
    In brick-and-mortar businesses, expenditures on target customer identification and targeted marketing constitute a major
    operating cost. As such traditional means as signage in shopping malls, manual promotion and shopping guide are losing
    ground, targeted marketing based on AI technologies becomes a new drive for business growth.
    Working together with Wanda Plaza, BETWAY offers tailored services to VIP customers that are automatically identified by our technology solution. Personalised content is pushed to customers in real time based on their business needs in terms of
    gender, age and emotion, which are generated by machine vision through identification and generalisation of facial
    features, to guide target customers and conduct targeted marketing. Moreover, pushed content will better match the needs of target groups through observation and learning of interested content of different groups.
  • A comprehensive identity <br>authentication system on the Internet
    A comprehensive identity
    authentication system on the Internet
    Identity authentication is crucial to assure clients’ best interests and maintain customer relationship in the financial sector. While finance firms used to conduct verification by means of password and signature, BETWAY’s leading machine vision
    technology captures unique facial features to make identity authentication faster and more accurate, transforming the
    financial service patterns and perception. BETWAY Tech, as the partner of JD Finance, offers comprehensive identity
    authentication solutions for Internet banking and financial services.
  • Our Dragonfly System won the<br>Science and Technology Progress<br>Award from MPS
    Our Dragonfly System won the
    Science and Technology Progress
    Award from MPS
    BETWAY’s Dragonfly Eye vehicle recognition system designed for Suzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau won the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Public Security in 2015 and was included in the Annual Recommended List of Science and Technology Achievements by the Ministry of Public Security in 2014. It can spot and identify over 1,000 car brands, capture over 99% of vehicles on the road, identify more than 95% of license plate numbers and more than 95% of car brands, ranking first in China.
  • The advanced vehicle identification <br>video system in China
    The advanced vehicle identification
    video system in China
    At the end of 2013, Fujian Provincial Public Security Department launched a programme of constructing 1,000 vehicle
    video streams in 71 towns and cities to build China’s largest streaming media platform integrated from provincial to
    municipal and county levels and realise intelligent vehicle management.
    The system has major recognition functions as well as cluster deployment, surveillance, statistics and other modules
    required for large-scale application. BETWAY has developed part of the recognition functions and helped build Fuzhou’s
    intelligent vehicle management system based on intelligent analysis of videos at traffic junctions and big data analysis.
  • Intelligent eyes for the Traffic Cloud<br>in Gui-zhou Province
    Intelligent eyes for the Traffic Cloud
    in Gui-zhou Province
    In July 2015, the Traffic Police Cloud of Guizhou Provincial Public Security Bureau, China’s first provincial traffic big data
    cloud computing platform run on the intranet of the public security system, has been officially put into operation. Aliyun
    provides technical support and BETWAY Tech provides the vehicle recognition technology for the cloud platform. It has become a major tool for the Traffic Police Cloud applications.
    BETWAY’s technology realises accurate recognition of vehicles by brand and models and has been recognised as a
    ground-breaking “vehicle-face” recognition technology in the industry. Currently the system processes more than 8 million
    records per day or 8.76 billion records for three years. It conducts full inter-link and automatic analysis of massive traffic
    data to support public services, traffic management and general police practices.
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